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bernard_bakelsIt was in 1904 when two brothers, Hendrik A and Bernadus J Bakels, registered the first Bakels company in Amsterdam.

The Bakels Group as we know it today is largely the result of the vision and lifetime work of the son of Bernardus, Bernard J Bakels.  He led the company into manufacturing with the  establishment, in 1940, of Nordbakels in Sweden.

Through a mixture of investment and innovation additional companies, and successful products, were added though each decade up until his death in 1986.  Since then this successful mix continues to be applied - investment increases every year to accompany innovative new products.

Bakels has grown to become a group of nearly 40 companies, manufacturing on all five continents.

After more than a century of investment and innovation the Bakels Group is one of the leading independent ingredients suppliers worldwide.

Russky Bakels

On the market of Russia Bakels group has offered the products since 1995 when in St.-Petersburg Nikolaeva V.V  has been created Russian company "Vermiks", sales agent of ingredients Bakels in Russia.

In 1998 the company has been transformed to joint venture " Russky Bakels".
In 1999 in St.-Petersburg has been begun manufacture emulsions for greasing of forms.
In 2000 company "Russky Bakels" is created in Moscow; at the same time manufacture of the equipment for drawing emulsion begins in St.-Petersburg.
 In 2001 the joint venture "Russky Bakels"  has been transformed to the company where 100 % of the capital belong to international group Bakels and it becomes the full member of the international group.

Since 2002 the company has started to export products of own manufacture to the countries of the near abroad.
In 2003 the decision on expansion of local manufacture was accepted: the new building is rented, existing manufacture is transferred, the assortment of manufacture of liquid components is expanded and there is begun manufacture of dry components, warehouses of storage of ready and imported production are equipped.


On Autumn, 2005 the decision on the further expansion of local manufacture is accepted: there were planned purchase of the ground for construction of industrial department with offices, warehouses and demonstration laboratory in St.-Petersburg and purchase of apartment for offices, warehouses and demonstration laboratory in Moscow.