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The essential problem of manufacturers which let out confectionery and bakery products, is processing of secondary raw material, namely a biscuit crumb or grain marriage. Technologists-advisers of the company "Russky Bakels" under the order of the large confectionery enterprise offer the optimum decision of this problem.

We offer receipts on the "Fruitcake Kroshkovy". It is a delightful fragrant flour dessert in two variations: with taste of coffee and with taste of cinnamon, added by a gentle almond stuffing.

The dessert is developed on the basis of biscuit and grain crumbs (breadcrumbs). We pay your attention that the grain crumb can be both wheaten, and rye-wheaten (up to 100 %). The mortgage of high quality of a crumb of the ready product generated from secondary raw material, is using Bakels Emulsifier "Ovalett Super". We open to you a secret of appetizing aroma and the refined taste of a flour dessert the "Fruitcake Kroshkovy" IS an addition in a dough of a coffee or cinnamon filling.

The ready dessert has a ruddy crust, delightful aroma and in regular intervals baking a porous crumb. The product is effectively looked in special forms for a fruitcake or paper sockets.

We wish bon appetit to your buyers!



Over our long history Bakels has been at the forefront of bringing Innovative solutions to bakers'problems.

All the manufacturing companies within the Bakels Group have the resources to carry out research and development for their local markets. Nominated centres of excellence take the R&D process further and provide know-how to other companies In the group.

All this extensive R&D is coordinated by the Bakels Research company who also carry out fundamental R&D into products, raw materials and production processes. The close cooperation of local and central R&D ensures that the Bakels group of companies is truly "thinking globally -working locally".

The Future

The combination of dedicated and competent staff, global presence, strong companies with extensive knowledge and expertise which is continuously updated by investing heavily into R&D is the guarantee of Bakels remaining at the forefront of in the bakery and confectionery industry.